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Normal serviceBlimey, I’m rubbish at keeping up this website. If you want to keep up with my news, jokes, funny pics and attempts at devastating topical satire, it’s best to try me on Twitter or on Facebook. Links are to the right of this blog. There *points to the right of this blog*

I will keep posting updates here (especially articles and details of things I’m in) in accordance with the 2010 Try And Get A Grip For Heavens Sake Act.

Making Stalin Laugh

Jun ’14
7:30 pm

making-stalin-laugh-detail_hero_jagged (1)

UK people and those wiling to travel overseas to see a play. Here’s one I’ve written that I’m quite proud of. Do come see it!

Details and tickets here

Pharrell’s Happy, starring the people of youtube

made for Huffington Post UK Comedy with handface.

Scotland’s Facebook Movie

Made for Huffington Post UK Comedy with Handface

Tory Benefits Street

The more honest sequel to Channel 4’s Benefits Street set in London SW1.


Made for Huffington Post UK Comedy with Handface

The ultimate Christmas advert

via Huffington Post UK Comedy and Handface

Let’s kick uglism out of politics



This article was first published in The Guardian

I was appalled to see in a recent opinion poll that 74% of voters said they would be more likely to vote Labour if Ed Miliband changed his face. Actually, I wasn’t appalled because I made that up. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Labour’s lead hit double figures on condition that Ed swapped the Miliface for someone else’s. Possibly his brother David’s. (more…)

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