It started with a click…

queendave6So… my website is now open. If you’re reading this on or near 3 o’clock on 10th November then you’re one of the first visitors – like those groggy families that get up really early at Disneyland to get a headstart on the rides. I hope you’ve brought a plastic see-through poncho in caseĀ  it rains.

So yes, much excitement for me and my designer, Marilla Wex of (who I really recommend. Her only drawback being she’s wittier thanĀ  me. That has to stop). There was a lot of rushing around tidying before we “went live” (had to add inverted commas there in case I sounded like a “tosser”). And then, in you came. It felt a lot like when you’re trying to sell your house and you have to desperately get ready for a viewing. Only in this case I’m not aware you’re there. So it’s a bit like trying to show your house to ghosts. A cross between “Location Location” and “Most Haunted” (can’t believe no-one’s thought of that yet).

And it’s taken me a moment to realise I can leave you to it, can’t I? So I’m off for a bit. The fuse box is under the “About Me” button, there are extra blankets by the “Videos I” like category if it gets too chilly. But it shouldn’t – I set the HTML code to 70 degrees.

So make yourself at home. I’ll be back about 6 x

PS all breakages must be paid for.

  1. Ian Hewett says:

    This month, people have been talking about the fall of the Berlin Wall.
    In 20 years, we’ll be talking about the opening of this site. I guarantee.
    .-= Ian Hewett´s last blog ..R Tape loading error, 0:1 =-.

  2. Slabs says:

    Is a blockage the same as a breakage? Sorry, I had the meat shits.

  3. Marilla Wex says:

    Thanks, mate! I appreciate your kind words. You big “tosser”.
    .-= Marilla Wex´s last blog ..Case study: Dave =-.

  4. Stefing says:

    Excellent work that man, just Web 2.0 enough without distracting from the glory that is your comedic self.

  5. @RobM67 says:

    I like the fact you’ve had “one of your people” do the site rather than having to do it yourself. I always hoped from your earliest days on my telly that you’d end up with people, and it looks like you have. Excellent.
    It is pretty and all the buttons work. It is also funny in places. Gold star from me.

  6. Jude Core says:

    Exactly what Stefin above just said. Nice work Mr S!
    .-= Jude Core´s last blog ..Andy Warhol =-.

  7. Yasminke says:

    Mazl tov and good onya. Well done.

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