Back in the Day…

OCSBeen having a rummage around the boxes in my e-attic, just behind the e-box of toys and the e-rocking horse, and look what I found: some pics of when we woz young. There are pictures from the Oxford Revue that died a thousand deaths in Edinburgh (1985 I think) and some from a show called Oxford Comedy Showcase which we did at the New End theatre, Hampstead in 1987 – myself, Guy Browning (who now writes for the Guardian) and a young lad called Armando Iannucci. Wonder what happened to him?…

I’ve also added a couple of pictures of me on tour in Japan with OUDS (Oxford University Drama Society) in 1986. The way I was dressed was not even acceptable in the 80s but at least now we know who inspired Sasha Baron Cohen’s Bruno.

Incidentally, also at Oxford at the time were Al Murray, Rebecca Front, Patrick Marber plus Stewart Lee, Richard Herring and Emma Kennedy. They used to be in a sketch group called “The 7 Raymonds”. There were 6 of them. If I find any pictures of them with dodgy hairdos and tight shorts I’ll add them here…

  1. Shark Trager says:

    Mr Schneider

    I saw that very show at the New End in 1987. I remember you and Armando (did he do a psycho in a bowler hat?).

    I clapped loudly and was probably on the fifth, no I think it was the seventh row from the back, no from the front. I don’t suppose you’d remember me.

    Shit, I can’t believe that was 22 years ago. Fuck. Now I’m depressed. Thanks for that.

    For fuck’s sake.

  2. Dunstan Vavasour says:

    Kudos for still wrestling with the invisible man one evening when I remember you were really unwell.


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