Children in Need and some wrong jokes



So there’s the joke. And now, in a DVD/BBC red button-stylee, the joke extras…

It suddenly struck me when we were putting together this visual witticism that Nick Griffin only has one eye. So does the Pudsey hankie suddenly become tasteless? An attack on his disability? And how strange that Gordon Brown also has one eye – something which is obviously in the news at the moment thanks to That Letter he (mis)wrote. Maybe those having a go at Brown for his admittedly rubbish writing are thinking of organising a spell-off to see which of the two politicians has the worst eye-sight. Maybe they’re already lining up some comment about how the one-eyed man should go back to running the kingdom of the blind, there’s no room for him here. Or preparing to have a go at David Blunkett for never having hand-written any letters to anyone. Maybe they should make jokes about it, really go for it: What do you call a Fish without an eye? – Prime Minister. (Hmm. Doesn’t quite work. Never mind).

There is definitely something awkward about The Sun’s attack on Brown. A vague smell of Notquiteright(on). We sympathise with the mother of the dead soldier but also with Brown. It’s surely wrong to attack politicians for what they look like (though hell, it can be fun). We should attack Nick Griffin for his pro-Ice Age-inhabitant policies not for being fat or unattractive (I’ve been battling whether to call the new Children In Need Pudgey or not). People do call him fat and ugly and “Dick” Griffin but I haven’t heard anyone make comments about his one eye yet. Certainly not members of the Labour party. And that must be right.

PS thanks to Ross Owen or @stanandollie as he’s known down Twitter way for this pic and all the others he’s magicked for me on this site.

  1. Ian Hewett says:

    Yes, The Sun have been a bit thoughtless, haven’t they? I doubt that Mystic Meg with her all-seeing eye could have predicted the fallout.
    Saying that, lovely work on Pudgey. 🙂

    Bigoted Nazi Pudsey?
    .-= Ian Hewett´s last blog ..Coming Soon To Channel 4 =-.

  2. Marilla Wex says:

    There are some things that make me quite glad I live in Canada now – not having to read The Sun or listen to Nick Griffin. But Canadian politics are so effing boring it sometimes makes me yearn for the nonsense.
    .-= Marilla Wex´s last blog ..Webmaster? No thank you! =-.

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