Thierry Henry in training (picture via @algernonradish)

Thierry Henry in training

Thierry Henry: “Well tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be Maradona…”

And as Thierry disappears through the smoke in front of the “Stars in Your Eyes” doors (always slightly unsettling for anyone who’s seen “The Fog”), we curse him for eliminating the Irish through cheating, yet thank him for helping create that excellent pun about people getting fed up with the whole story suffering from Thierry Ennui (thanks to @rhodri for spotting it first).

Of course if you asked most Irish people whether they’d rather go to the World Cup or have Jedward win the X-factor they’d all say the latter. Of course they wouldn’t. Their pain and fury is understandable. And me making jokes about the French football team having also qualified for the Basketball World Cup probably doesn’t help either. It hurts to be robbed like that. That’s why this updated Wiki entry for Henry must have felt so good (I think we can hazard a guess that Fletchlives2009 is Irish). Really, though, it’s the definition of “Luck of the Irish” that needs changing.

But can we really blame Thierry? He just did what every footballer would have done except Paolo di Canio when he didn’t put that goal past that injured goalkeeper. Although there was nowhere near as much at stake then and he was probably trying to offset for the ref pushing over incident the comedy gods once offered us (nowadays, of course, that ref would be booked for diving). Cheating, bending the rules is a part of sport – look at Formula 1. I genuinely think it would be massively improved if they allowed ALL forms of cheating. Haven’t they seen Wacky Races? It was brilliant.

ThierryHenrygate, le gate de Thierry Henry, reminds me of the MPs expenses hypocrisy. We rant and rave but ultimately wouldn’t we have done the same?  Well, not me, I feel guilty if I don’t use Frequent Use shampoo often enough (I wish that was a joke but it’s not). But can you look me in the eye and tell me in all seriousness that if it was within the rules you wouldn’t have bought yourself a duck island?  Really? Honestly?

I feel for Thierry . He’s a great player who now, because of one understandable, spur-of-the-moment Awful Piece of Vicious and Nasty Cheating will always be remembered as Maradona Lite. He is the man from the “You shag ONE sheep!” joke.

La Main de Dieu, the hand of Frog. Time to cancel that holiday to Galway, Thierry.

Luck of the Irish, idiom., colloq. – shafted by a Frenchman.

(PS here’s the sheep joke from a randomly Googled bloke complaining about the attention he got for writing ONE article about Digital Rights Management.  I like to think that thanks to this link he might now get even more.

Thanks to @MandyPandy32 and @JeremyAngel for the Wiki link, and @algernonradish for the picture.)

  1. @twentington says:

    Loved the Wacky Races analogy! Nice bloggle.

  2. If ever you want to see a comedic demolition of the term, ‘The Luck of the Irish’, look no further than John Belushi’s news-reader-freak-out on SNL.

    And yes, speaking as someone of Irish descent, I agree with you.
    .-= Cosmic Navel Lint´s last blog ..Salus populi suprema lex esto =-.

  3. Piers Cawley says:

    Thanks for the link. I don’t mind attention at all.

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