My life with Julian Rhind Tutt

I first worked with Close Personal Showbiz Pal Julian in about 1996 on a sitcom pilot for the BBC and since then we take it turns to employ each other in ever stranger shows. He got me in to do this mock lecture with female Close Personal Showbiz Pal Lizzie Winkler about the history of theatre as part of the National Theatre’s Open Day in 2007. Then I got him over to Ireland to film an episode of Uncle Max (“Uncle Max plays The Piano”). Then he got me back by getting me to play a cat in a 10 minute Dick Whittington we did at St Paul’s Cathedral as part of the Lord Mayor’s Parade. It’s my turn next. Got to come up with something really humiliating, if not dangerous for him to do. Suggestions welcome…

  1. Di Brierley says:

    How about something to take the mickey out of his luscious locks?!
    This pic always made me & the gang on his website forum laugh……

    How about something where he is falling off somewhere high & is saved by his long hair being caught on/by something – bit like Rapunzel?!

    I am a huge fan of JRT & his work.I do know him reasonably well too now- you may recall him introducing us at St Paul’s last year at Dick Whittington?
    Best Wishes.
    Di Brierley
    I’m the one in the white T shirt!

  2. Di Brierley says:

    sorry missed the last pic of JRT & his gang off! [I’m in white T shirt]

    Di Brierley

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