Everyone’s a critic

klezparkIf you put “wanton self-indulgence” into Google it’ll probably come up with this post. So if you have anything better to do, please carry on…

That said…

This is a video of me performing a Yiddish version of “New York, New York” last summer at Regent’s Park. I was hosting a klezmer concert, doing bits of stand-up in between. There were actually probably about 4000 people there at the time and they were laughing a lot (honest!) but what’s so eloquent about this video is that it’s basically a bloke in dodgy clothes, singing (badly) in a park, while other people ignore him – surely anyone’s definition of a nutter.

The real star of the video is the elderly Jewish man you first see at about 35 seconds in and who really comes into his own at about 1 min 20. Every performer has this inner voice who constantly says “you’re no good”, “you’re not funny” etc. At least now I know what mine looks like (Morrie from Ilford whose prostate’s still playing up).

Please bear in mind, directors, casting directors, Simon Cowell, that I had a sore throat (to use the X-factor “I’m in the Bottom Two” excuse). I can sing, there was a lot of laughter, and… oh to hell with it, lets hear it for:… The Elderly Jewish Man!

With “thanks” to Alf  Buechler for the video and to @MandyPandy32 for the Xfactor comparison…

PS The Memorial Service for David Schneider’s career will be held on Monday week.

  1. Marilla Wex says:

    I like the dodgy look Merlin gives you as he gets onto the stage. Ha ha ha – you said shtups. Nice step ball change, by the way.
    .-= Marilla Wex´s last blog ..Webmaster? No thank you! =-.

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