Down wid da kids

If you have 3 minutes, watch this till the end. Brrrap! Brrrrap! Or whatever the kids say…

With thanks to @videogum, @SaliWho, @trumpetcake

Where’s Kanye when you need him?…

Found by @Eamonn_Forde

Is it “Live and Let Die”?

Click on the pic to enlarge…

From @TheFagCasanova. Check out his brilliant blog here.

Sophisticated humour

I’m amused by the wit of Oscar Wilde, the erudition of Checkov, the wonderful turn of phrase of Stoppard or Bennett. And this.

Is that so wrong?…

With thanks to @ross_owen.

Jokes bomb

Do Islam4UK have a catch Phones4U hand mime?

This week I tweeted a couple of jokes about the extremist group Islam4UK. Did Islam4UK have a little hand gesture routine like their sister company Phones4U? And how glad I was the government had ignored the suggestion to rename them Islam 4 – UK 5. (more…)

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