Acceptable in the 80s

Young people! You may not realise it but we were bloody cool in the ’80s. Here’s the proof (Just wait till about secs in when he starts throwing some shapes – especially 1 minute 25ish. How cool is that?!)

Found via @Elibraden @dailyadviser on Twitter when I had nothing better to do.

  1. Eleonora says:

    Awesomeness this early in the morning( 10.30 am here… well it’s not that early)? Thank you. I think I’m in love now. Thank you so much.

  2. @meeestersteeev says:

    What many of todays youngsters won’t realise is that most of us had very little money in the 80’s. This was until July 1989 when the new ‘wash and re-wear’ process for clothing was developed by IBM. Many initially called this new process ‘dirty’ and ‘rank’, but it soon caught on and we’ve never looked back.

  3. nickinthecorner says:

    is this mika?

  4. sandra says:

    hey this was never acceptable …not even in the 80’s!!! hillarious!!

  5. Nick Quarmby says:

    That just makes me proud to have been around in the 80’s…*ahem*

  6. stu55y says:

    Directed by Kenny Ortega. One can only imagine how great MJ’s “This Is It” show would have been.

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