Google search “China”

Look what comes up now if you put “China” into Google (click on pic below)…

Britain’s Got Virgins

A, er, unique website that came to me via Boing Boing and Robert Popper’s blog, but no matter, it’s here now. It confirms what I’ve always thought: that every website should have a list of ex-boy/girlfriends detailing whether they’ve slandered you or not (the “He did not slander me” reminds me of Steve Coogan’s pool supervisor in The Day Today); plus it’s always helpful to have proof of your virginity up on your site. (more…)

Acceptable in the 80s

Young people! You may not realise it but we were bloody cool in the ’80s. Here’s the proof (Just wait till about secs in when he starts throwing some shapes – especially 1 minute 25ish. How cool is that?!)

Found via @Elibraden @dailyadviser on Twitter when I had nothing better to do.


Always check the colour of the seat before buying a bike (click on pic to enlarge).

Found by @SaliWho on

5 Terms in English Slang Everyone Should Know

Here’s a thing I did with Canadian internet genius TremendousNews (not his real name). (more…)

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