Pope Opera

So the Vatican has blamed the child abuse scandal on a misconceived Eva Herzegovina poster campaign.

Yes, with Easter approaching the jokes about the scandal at the Vatican continue. I for one am looking forward to the Pope’s Easter address where, as is traditional, he’ll be saying “come on, lads. It was just a bit of fun” in 120 different languages. Of course, the best jokes target the hypocrisy of the Church and the quite appalling cover-up, though surely one of the biggest laughs came from the name of the Times journalist in this article (surely everyone’s seen it by now but just in case you haven’t, here it is). Of course the Vatican’s keen that we should stop all this sexual innuendo and smut but if that’s the case why when they sack a priest do they say he’s been “defrocked”. It just doesn’t help.

Even randomly generated words are commenting on the situation, like this Captcha that came to me via @rotocoper and @SaliWho (click to enlarge).

Oh wise oracle of Captcha. Tell us all you know of the world.

Yes, it’s a minefield. I posted on Twitter about choirboys having to “turn the other cheek” but it felt wrong as it targetted the victims. I’m also aware that for many Catholics the Pope remains totally untouchable (unlike the choirboys. – See, I’m doing it again!). I originally asked Ross Owen who does my pictures for me to do one of the Pope’s head superimposed on Eva H’s wonderbra body instead of the picture above. It’s a punchier image, funnier for sure and much more biting. But I bottled, lost in admittedly interesting ruminations over whether I’d do the same if we were talking about a figure held holy by Muslims. I’ll probably be going to Satirist’s Hell for my failure but you know what: I felt guilty. Maybe I’m a Catholic after all.

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