Close Calls

All extraordinary. Though particular extraordinariness at 5 mins 19.

via @MandyPandy32

  1. Paul Robertson says:

    Before you play chicken with 250 tonnes of steel at 250km/h, spare a thought for the driver, who may never be able to drive a train again after the trauma you put him/her through. Stupid stupid stupid and criminally inconsiderate.

  2. PeteS says:

    Darwin Award Fails

  3. Mike says:

    For every video where somebody escapes by inches there is its equivalent where a person would have lived if not for inches. That compilation is not as much fun.

  4. MrCraigL says:

    The people messing around with trains really annoys me – it can ruin someone elses life because they wanted to show off on camera. Idiots.

    Anyway – does anyone know what the track is behind that vid?

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