Sarah Palin’s new crosshairs

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  1. Leyton Jay says:

    Ha ha, genius.

    As a citizen of the United Kingdom may I say how shocking and sad it is to see someone as vicious and insane as Sarah Palin in a position of real authority in America. The country which apparently stands for liberty and JUSTICE for all.

    Her unsustainable and reactionary opinions cast both America and it’s citizens in a poor light on the world’s stage. This woman, and her supporters make you all look like idiotic biggots.

    Chill out, calm down, think before you act and get rid of her.

  2. khongor says:

    I can’t stand her either. However it’s worth noting that she has no “position of real power”, and never has had one outside Alaska. Every poll I’ve seen indicates that she’d struggle to attain one too. Outside her rabid followers she’s much less popular than, say, the president.

  3. khongor says:

    To put it another way, she’s been elected to as many positions of national power in her country as Littlejohn has in his.

  4. As a fellow citizen of the UK, I would advise you to check your spelling and grammar before calling a nation and “it’s” inhabitants “idiotic biggots”.

    Sorry, USA, please don’t get mad.

  5. Farsingham Noble says:

    How many gun sights has Sarah Palin looked through? Seriously! And how many Surveyor sights has she looked through? Really!

    What do you honestly believe? When she say those cross-hairs on the map targeting those districts and she tweeted as to promote the map, DON’T RETREAT – INSTEAD RELOAD, well, tell me, how do you reload a surveyor sight. Sarah Palin, it would seem — to any reasonable person — was lying about believing that those were surveyor sights. She brags about shooting and killing publicly. Did she not, at least for a moment, think that those symbols look an inksy winksy bitty like rifle sights? Now really?!

    Now the question is why is she lying? Maybe she IS guilty and knows that this will hurt her aspirations to be President so she plays ignorant.

    I believe they all the members of the Tea Party know that those were intended to be rifle sights but to not admit fault, the Bible says to confess your part in any conflict
    “go and be reconciled to your brother.” (Matthew 5:24). The state of America now has reached new lows. Maybe it is because of the wars, maybe it is because of the economy but people who profess hatred, who put up cross-hair targets and tweet “don’t retreat – instead reload,” have no place in this country of ours.

    Sarah Palin should confess her role in this tragety. Peter urges us: “Turn away from evil and do good. Work hard at living in peace with others.” (1 Peter 3:11). When you work for peace, you are doing what God would do. That’s why God calls peacemakers his children.

    My prayers are with you Sarah Palin.

  6. Lissa says:

    How is this helping the situation? People died on Saturday, others are wounded, one is still fighting for her life. How is perpetuating the hate and anger and mockery helping anyone get to the point of healing?

  7. Lissa says:

    And, I might add, we have NO tangible or confirmed link between an obviously deranged shooter and Sarah Palin or any right-wing advocate. The rush to hatred is no better than what she and her minions are being accused of.

  8. Me says:

    I’m presuming Lissa works for the Fox News corp.

  9. Me says:

    Or just plain IS Glenn Beck.

    Here’s a link for you Lissa.

    Bill Maher on Anderson 360 – 10.01.2011 – Part 1

  10. Paul Lamb says:

    Now some of the dust is settling its a time for cool heads to put some of the right wing rhetoric behind us. If you don`t I`m gonna cut your arse you mutherf**ing leftie commie bastards!

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