No To AV latest

Some slightly more honest NoToAV posters…

Say Yes To AV. Though not necessarily to all stuff in general. That’s what I think.

With thanks for the pictures to

  1. Inkelectric says:

    Nice pic examples of retro rubbish we’ld be stuck with now if we hadn’t moved onwards and upwards to carbon-spewing modes of transport and stodge-filled nutrition-void white sliced bread. That’s progress. Now for the voting system.

  2. Jonathan Phillips says:

    Looks like wholemeal bread to me! And you really don’t get anywhere much with a hand-propelled rail buggy, do you? AV – gives power to the voter! See

  3. Claire Q says:

    @Inkelectric Not everything new is good. Not everything old is good. We *must* therefore pass judgement using other criteria. The fact that bread is sliced doesn’t make it non-nutritious, that’s ridiculous. You can get nice bread that is sliced. You can get fast transport that is green.

  4. Schnorbitz says:

    The top photo being a service on South Eastern Rail, yesterday.

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