Who put the euro in David Cameuron?

Cameron's new economic adviser

I’d have more sympathy for Eurosceptics if they had a more positive-sounding name, something like WorldBankingSystemCollapsophiles. You have to admire their determination that the important thing now is to be able to decide for ourselves how straight our bananas are (insert own euromyth here), even if the ensuing financial collapse means we have to pay for those bananas using a barter system (1 banana = 3 shiny pebbles and my sister doing a dance for you).So off to Brussels Cameron goes, with the Tory right asking him to show some “bulldog spirit”, which I presume means returning with a deal which guarantees us 20 millions tons of Chum and a squeaky cat toy for every citizen. And note I say “tons” not “tonnes” – it’s that sort of thing that’s vital to British interests even if a Euro collapse means we have to cover the whole of East Anglia with a giant piece of cardboard saying “Hungry and Homeless”. In Chinese.

Still, it looks like Cameron’s won the day at the summit thanks to a Boris Johnson-inspired threat to dump 2000 bendy buses on Calais. He’ll be heading back home having made absolutely sure that no further financial regulations are imposed on the City of London. Phew! I was worried, because lack of regulation of the City has been such a spectacular success in the past. He’s also made sure that Britain will keep its rightful place firmly on the sidelines, arms folded, refusing to do anything at all, in keeping with advice from his new economic adviser, Carlos Tevez. Plus – and here is his greatest triumph – he’s pledged to set up the No European Regulation Organisation or NERO, whose job will be to fiddle while Europe burns.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a referendum, as long as the question is “Are you really such a steaming idiot that you’d seriously want to take our economy on the financial equivalent of a dignitas trip to Switzerland by playing the Little Englander/Scotlander/Northern Irelander/Waleser when really we should be trying to avoid Eurogeddon and sort out this mess together with our biggest trading partner which if you didn’t know is the EU you doofus?” For me, it’s clear. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, the consequences of not being in Europe can be a devastating blow. Just ask Manchester City.

  1. Demon Lee says:

    David, I hope you are not being serious in this post????? The biggest CON at this time is the scaremongering that if the Euro Collapses, then the Banking System Collapses – not true, this is a political trick in order to try and drag the UK kicking and screaming deeper into a united europe – but look at the facts.. they tell you 40% of UK trade is within Europe – basic math will tell you then that the greater proportion of trade (60%) is NOT within Europe… they look at UK Businesses, 70% of them employ less than 50 people and around 80% of that 70% NEVER trade outside the UK Borders…

    The REAL issue is that the ‘EURO’ was a Political Scam from day 1 and any sensible economic advisor warned against it unless their was financial union on a U.S. Scale… they could not accept that and went ahead anyway at the cost of billions to taxpayers across Europe and permitted countries to join that did not even meet the financial critera – I am not a Eurosceptic, I believe in FREE TRADE, OPEN BORDERS etc, it’s what my parents voted for, but unless they put it to the vote again, I am TOTALLY against political and financial Union with Europe until the accountants can balance the accounts of the European Parliament.

  2. David says:

    I think the point I was trying to make was that The Markets, this 21st Century Blofeld if I may use a 007 metaphor, are in charge now. The priority was to show stability and unity but I feel DC decided he’d rather answer to the Eurosceptics in his own party. The tail wagged the (bull)dog. Time will tell whether that will be in our national interest or not.

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