Voice audition

Labour still have a lot to do if this audition for The Voice is anything to go by.

With thanks to handface.co.uk

Very Superstitious

The Queen Mum. Nothing to do with me.

Here’s a thing I wrote for the Jewish Quarterly.

I am superstitious. Medieval-peasant superstitious. Large-gossipy-18th-century-shtetl-fishwife superstitious. I’ll always refer to “the Scottish play” rather than, you know… the one that rhymes with MacDeath, even if it makes me sound like some old Victorian ham (if I can use that term in a piece for a Jewish magazine). I even hesitated about writing… the word that rhymes with MacDeath, as I’m not sure what the rules are. (more…)

There’s one Osborne every minute

Budget. Government end 50p tax rate (click on pic).

It’s been clear for some time that George Osborne DOES believe in the 50p tax rate for high earners but only if by 50p you mean the amount of tax they should pay in a year. (more…)

Labour Uncovered

Break-in at Miliband office reveals Labour strategy document (click on pic).


Viral Power

The last few days must have been a bit weird for this business in New South Wales (click on pic).




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