Nicked Jokes. Allegedly.

This is a picture of Denis Leary. That's all I'm saying.

This is a picture of Denis Leary. That's all I'm saying.

Here’s a list of some specific joke spats to go with my Sunday Times article on joke thievery – with the odd youtube link that’s definitely worth watching. I have to thank Twitter for helping me locate a lot of these… Also, there’s one juicy possible joke-theft I haven’t included here. But will blog about that imminently… (more…)

Bill Hicks vs David Hare

George Bush tries some new stand-up material

George Bush tries some new stand-up material

Here’s a thing I didn’t include in my Sunday Times article on joke theft and my list of suspicious gags. It seems that a joke performed by Bill Hicks (who died in 1994) about the 1st George Bush is the same as a joke from David Hare’s 2004 play about the 2nd Iraq War and the 2nd George Bush, a joke which the Guardian review described as the biggest laugh of the night. (more…)

Children in Need and some wrong jokes




Stephen Fry and Twitter wobbles

Stephen-Fry-had-a-Twitter-001Here’s a slightly longer version of a Guardian article I wrote about being a needy, needy performer. It has a couple of bonus jokes in it.

It’s been a lively week in the land of Twitter where anyone who’s monitored my computer use over the last few months will know I’ve been pretty much living (I’m sure I now qualify for dual nationality). (more…)

Should comedians have a conscience?

chris mNow here’s something I wrote a few years ago and the theme of it still obsesses me. Whether comedy has a morality or not. Recently I’ve been thinking about whether it’s acceptable to make jokes about the Holocaust. As a Jew, maybe I can get away with it. It occured to me to do a show about this when at one gig I was handed a note backstage before the start saying “We are a bunch of Holocaust survivors from Auschwitz. Could you please say hello to us during the show”. (more…)

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