Sounds Jewish Podcast

Here’s me on the Guardian’s Sounds Jewish podcast with Jason Solomons. We talked about Jews and boxing. I mostly did the Jews bit.

Schneider in honest performance shock

Springtime for Hitler. I expected similar results.

Springtime for Hitler. I expected similar results last night.

I’ve had a major breakthrough careerwise. Yesterday I showed an audience my pyjamas. It felt true, honest, edgy – though in retrospect maybe I should have washed them (they were toothpaste stains, ok?! Toothpaste!) (more…)


HolocfashionYou can just imagine the pitch meeting at Easyjet: “We’ve got this great venue for the next fashion shoot for our next in-flight magazine. It’s hip, it’s vibrant, it’s the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin”. Yes, the EasyJet Traveller magazine had photos of gorgeous models taken against the gorgeous backdrop of the gorgeous Holocaust memorial. Rumbled by the New Statesman, you have to wonder what they were thinking. (more…)

Jew travels to Germany shock

German jew

Here’s a thing I wrote about 10 years ago after my first trip to Deutschland…

I have recently returned from making a film in Germany. It was a significant event for me, not just because the script was wonderful, my fellow actors were marvellous and all those other well-known Paltrowisms. It was significant because the film was shot in Germany and I am – well, there’s no other way to say it – I’m Jewish. A Jew. Ein Jude. (more…)


AsciiThis is clever and funny and Lollercoaster and Roflcraft and… Lollercaust?!
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