Always check the colour of the seat before buying a bike (click on pic to enlarge).

Found by @SaliWho on

5 Terms in English Slang Everyone Should Know

Here’s a thing I did with Canadian internet genius TremendousNews (not his real name). (more…)

Aah! Snow!

Trust me to have the only kids who don’t like snow…. (Click on the pic)

With thanks for the link to @TheFagCasanova.

Best job in the world?

“Honestly, darling, I was just doing some quantitative data collection” (Click Here).

With thanks for the link to @sevanjaniyan.

Post-Xmas party sub-editing

jobs blow2 Great headline from the Peterborough Telegraph. Those MPs! What are they like?

Click here and enjoy.

With thanks to @TMitC for the link.

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