Uncle Max Series 2 pics

Here’s  about a kilotonne of pictures from series 2 of Uncle Max. We filmed it in Galway, Ireland. Guarantee of all four seasons every 2 minutes, permanent rainbow in the sky but hell, they’re nice people there. Nahrein Mirza produced, Simon Hyde directed, and local boy Johnathan Hanly played Luke. You may spot some of my Close Showbiz Pals who came over to join in: Frank Skinner, Julian Rhind Tutt, Meera Syal, Jocelyn Jee Essien, Debbie Chazen and Ian Kirkby.

Well done Edinburgh…

Saw this in Edinburgh. Good to see they’re taking sex education out onto the streets…


Clive Hole

Some pictures from a short film I did in 2008, based on a short story by Alexei Sayle, written and directed by James Carter-Johnson.

Those are the facts. Here are some pictures…

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