Alan Partridge and Tony Hayers, BBC controller

Why people shout “Smell my cheese” at me. And “Monkey tennis”. In two parts.


AsciiThis is clever and funny and Lollercoaster and Roflcraft and… Lollercaust?!
Click on the link…

Uncle Max makes a pizza

This was the first episode of Uncle Max we made, apart from the pilot (Uncle Max goes bowling).  It was filmed in South Africa. We’d been filming 5 minutes when the director accidentally poked himself in the eye with some camera equipment and had to go to hospital. At least he said it was an accident. I have my doubts…
Food fight was fun, though.

Uncle Max makes a pizza from David Schneider on Vimeo.

Why do I bother?

the_stageI don’t know. As a comedy writer you work and work, draft after draft, honing, polishing, agonising over every comma to try and make it as funny as you can, then some bloke comes along and does this… (more…)

WHSmith tease

This is a teaser for a sitcom I’ve written about a man who loses his memory in a car crash outside WHSmith…

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