The Church of Michael Jackson

Here’s a thing we did on the Friday Night Armistice. Bear in mind it was in 1995 when, from the look of us, we were still about 2 years away from our GCSEs…

Election Night Armistice: Posters and Sleaze Cock

Here’s a thing from the Election Night Special. It was live on BBC2 right after polling closed on the day Tony Blair swept to power. “Things could only get better” was the Labour anthem, though perhaps their initial rewrite of “Things can only get bogged down in half-reforms and a brutally unpopular war which ultimately eclipses any real achievements” would have been more appropriate.

It was only after we finished that we could actually watch the results come in and share in the euphoria (most of) the country was experiencing. I watched the Michael Portillo moment sat on a floor next to Valerie Singleton. Seems right somehow.

Friday Night Armistice episode 1

First there was Saturday Night Armistice, then came Friday Night Armistice – being earlier and funnier by 24 hours. This is the first episode of that series from 1996. There were jokes about Ulster and football and a Tory government (so some of those may well come in useful). There was also a very young Al Murray and Sue Perkins.

The Friday Night Armistice: Iraq

Some funny gags here, but mainly interesting to see just how much things have changed and to play Spot the Omid Djalili…

The Friday Night Armistice: Euro-invasion

The Armistice on Europe, back in 1996. Still topical? I think so…

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