A little video¬† I just had to make to say thank you to Twitter. Sorry I didn’t have a mike so the sound’s rubbish, but anyway… thanks for following. And if you don’t, you can here

Never Write off the Germans

Here’s a radio thing I did about the World Cup with Andy Parsons, John Richardson, Josie Long and Christian O’Connell.

Never Write off the Germans

Big Society

Here’s a thing I did for the Labour party during the 2010 election. I suspect it may keep them out of power for a generation. In the original which is here, you can put someone’s name in and send it to them and their name appears in the video.

Everyone’s a critic

klezparkIf you put “wanton self-indulgence” into Google it’ll probably come up with this post. So if you have anything better to do, please carry on…

That said… (more…)

WHSmith tease

This is a teaser for a sitcom I’ve written about a man who loses his memory in a car crash outside WHSmith…

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