The Day Today: Natus

I like this “piece of comedy” (we would never have said “sketch” back in the day) because of everyone’s performance in it – Rebecca Front’s marvelous Barbara Wintergreen, Doon Mackichan’s disturbed protestor, an outrageous look from Patrick Marber and Steve Coogan. I also like it because I was acting with Minnie Driver who, in the final cut, hardly says anything. She went on to do OK for herself though…

The Day Today: The Bureau

One of my favourite episodes from The Day Today sitcom, set in a Bureau de Change.

The Day Today: Pool Supervisor

In a way I could have included this in the Videos I Like rather than the Videos of Me section. It’s the second part of the Swimming Pool documentary we did. Watching Steve Coogan first improvise this character was one of the funniest, bladder-challenging experiences of my life (so far). The “in 1978 no-one died” went on even longer than it did in the final version and was achingly hysterical. It’s probably my favourite Day Today character.

Uncle Max goes to the dentist

Here’s an episode from the first series of Uncle Max. I had to eat masses of chocolate for one scene. About 3 huge bars worth. Then wash it down with acres of tomato ketchup. Ah, the sacrifices we make for comedy…
Anyway, series 1 of Uncle Max is now available on DVD, as they say. When they’re trying to sell their DVDs…

Uncle Max goes to the dentist from David Schneider on Vimeo.

Friday Night Armistice episode 1

First there was Saturday Night Armistice, then came Friday Night Armistice – being earlier and funnier by 24 hours. This is the first episode of that series from 1996. There were jokes about Ulster and football and a Tory government (so some of those may well come in useful). There was also a very young Al Murray and Sue Perkins.

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