5 Terms in English Slang Everyone Should Know

Here’s a thing I did with Canadian internet genius TremendousNews (not his real name). (more…)

Schneider in honest performance shock

Springtime for Hitler. I expected similar results.

Springtime for Hitler. I expected similar results last night.

I’ve had a major breakthrough careerwise. Yesterday I showed an audience my pyjamas. It felt true, honest, edgy – though in retrospect maybe I should have washed them (they were toothpaste stains, ok?! Toothpaste!) (more…)


Thierry Henry in training (picture via @algernonradish)

Thierry Henry in training

Thierry Henry: “Well tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be Maradona…”

And as Thierry disappears through the smoke in front of the “Stars in Your Eyes” doors (always slightly unsettling for anyone who’s seen “The Fog”), we curse him for eliminating the Irish through cheating, yet thank him for helping create that excellent pun about people getting fed up with the whole story suffering from Thierry Ennui (more…)

Stop! (Joke) Thief!

Marcus Brigstocke. He's mentioned in this article

Marcus Brigstocke. He's mentioned in this article

Here’s a thing I just wrote for the Sunday Times. For a list of nicked jokes (allegedly) and some interesting youtubery, click here:

Stand-up comedians abhor the same crimes as everyone else: murder, assault, the fact that John and Edward are still in the X-Factor. But if there’s one crime that riles them above all others, it’s joke theft. The latest victim of comedic light-fingers is stand-up comic Gary Delaney. He’d noticed that several of his previously sure-fire gags were floundering as badly as Gordon Brown in the polls. A quick check on Google revealed that 34 of his jokes had been posted uncredited on the website Sickipedia.org, a sort of virtual multi-storey car-park for un-PC one-liners and dodgy gags. (more…)

Nicked Jokes. Allegedly.

This is a picture of Denis Leary. That's all I'm saying.

This is a picture of Denis Leary. That's all I'm saying.

Here’s a list of some specific joke spats to go with my Sunday Times article on joke thievery – with the odd youtube link that’s definitely worth watching. I have to thank Twitter for helping me locate a lot of these… Also, there’s one juicy possible joke-theft I haven’t included here. But will blog about that imminently… (more…)

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