Google Lies

Here’s a terrifying thing…

1) Go to Google Translator

2) Set English > Yiddish

3) Translate “AIDS”

4) Copy the answer

5) Paste it back in to be translated into English

6) Set Yiddish > English and translate.

7) Panic

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Clegg’s Big Clang

Cameron and Clegg in the Downing Street Garden

In his maiden speech as Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg promised a “Big Bang” of changes to politics, which presumably means they’ll be rolled out over millions of years before contracting again. It’s easy to be cyncial about what he said – which is why I’m writing this blog. But lets look at the facts.

Clegg promised us the “biggest shake-up in democracy” in 178 years, when Gladstone had to admit he called Disraeli a joke and then screamed “Come Baaaaaack” in a strange strangulated voice. (more…)

Mascots work together

I can’t believe the Olympic mascots can work together after all the things they said about each other

With thanks for pic to David Beresford

A man’s guide to love

This really kicks in at around 1 minute with world-class metaphor use.

The Man’s Guide To Love #85 from themansguidetolove on Vimeo.

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Bible predicts Labour leadership

Genesis 4

1And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD, and I tell you what, he be not bad-looking for a politician.

2And she again bare his brother Abel. And behold, this Abel was not quite so good-looking. (more…)

Gordon Brown Buckingham Palace Fail

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Regime Change

Looks like we have regime change (click to enlarge)…

And judging from the picture, Peter Mandelson was behind it all along.

With thanks to David Beresford

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