Nicked Jokes. Allegedly.

This is a picture of Denis Leary. That's all I'm saying.

This is a picture of Denis Leary. That's all I'm saying.

Here’s a list of some specific joke spats to go with my Sunday Times article on joke thievery – with the odd youtube link that’s definitely worth watching. I have to thank Twitter for helping me locate a lot of these… Also, there’s one juicy possible joke-theft I haven’t included here. But will blog about that imminently… (more…)

Bill Hicks vs David Hare

George Bush tries some new stand-up material

George Bush tries some new stand-up material

Here’s a thing I didn’t include in my Sunday Times article on joke theft and my list of suspicious gags. It seems that a joke performed by Bill Hicks (who died in 1994) about the 1st George Bush is the same as a joke from David Hare’s 2004 play about the 2nd Iraq War and the 2nd George Bush, a joke which the Guardian review described as the biggest laugh of the night. (more…)

Children in Need and some wrong jokes




It started with a click…

queendave6So… my website is now open. If you’re reading this on or near 3 o’clock on 10th November then you’re one of the first visitors – like those groggy families that get up really early at Disneyland to get a headstart on the rides. I hope you’ve brought a plastic see-through poncho in case  it rains. (more…)

Back in the Day…

OCSBeen having a rummage around the boxes in my e-attic, just behind the e-box of toys and the e-rocking horse, and look what I found: some pics of when we woz young. There are pictures from the Oxford Revue that died a thousand deaths in Edinburgh (1985 I think) and some from a show called Oxford Comedy Showcase which we did at the New End theatre, Hampstead in 1987 – myself, Guy Browning (who now writes for the Guardian) and a young lad called Armando Iannucci. Wonder what happened to him?… (more…)

Stephen Fry and Twitter wobbles

Stephen-Fry-had-a-Twitter-001Here’s a slightly longer version of a Guardian article I wrote about being a needy, needy performer. It has a couple of bonus jokes in it.

It’s been a lively week in the land of Twitter where anyone who’s monitored my computer use over the last few months will know I’ve been pretty much living (I’m sure I now qualify for dual nationality). (more…)

My life with Julian Rhind Tutt

I first worked with Close Personal Showbiz Pal Julian in about 1996 on a sitcom pilot for the BBC and since then we take it turns to employ each other in ever stranger shows. He got me in to do this mock lecture with female Close Personal Showbiz Pal Lizzie Winkler about the history of theatre as part of the National Theatre’s Open Day in 2007. Then I got him over to Ireland to film an episode of Uncle Max (“Uncle Max plays The Piano”). Then he got me back by getting me to play a cat in a 10 minute Dick Whittington we did at St Paul’s Cathedral as part of the Lord Mayor’s Parade. It’s my turn next. Got to come up with something really humiliating, if not dangerous for him to do. Suggestions welcome…

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